All teams interested in a team sponsorship at Gamekeepers, must do the following:
Complete a team sponsorship form (below);
Grace the bar with your presence after your games.
In return, Gamekeepers will offer:
Shirts (supplied by our partnership with Budweiser – preprinted with Gamekeepers & Budweiser logo’s);
$2 Bud & Bud Light Pints

$4 Import Pints
$3 Mix drinks
$5 Jamo & Smirnoff Bombs

Perks for coming to Gamekeepers!
40 High Definition Plasmas & 3 100” HD BIG SCREENS!
A relaxing & enjoyable experience!


Every team sponsored by GAMEKEEPERS is automatically enrolled in the Bud Light giveaway…the team with the highest number of BUD LIGHT pitchers purchased for the season gets an ALL YOU CAN DRINK party (50 guests) at the end of the season along with cash prizes & giveaways.

League Fees: GAMEKEEPERS offers teams the opportunity to recoup league fees by hosting parties. Sponsored teams can throw up to 3 ALL YOU CAN DRINK events (FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS INCLUDED) for up to 200 guests. The cost is $20/guests and the team receives $5 back per guest in order recoup league fees. A team can have a party after 3 post-game visits to Gamekeepers